Amerirocks Compound


Amerirocks Compound

Product Description

BodyShop Safe Compound
Amerirocks is named after the term “rocks in a bottle”. It’s a tried and true heavy leveling Non-Diminishing Abrasive Compound , only for the courageous. We recommend this product only for those educated in the trade of polishing. This product is a true craftsman compound. It’s very fast cutting abilities will remove paint defects quickly with minimal effort and dusting.
Working times can vary depending on machine type and pressure. When used with a rotary machine such as a Dewalt Polisher, we recommend wool or foam pads with the ideal speeds between 1800 and 2200 rpms. Foam pads will build more heat faster, so we recommend the speed to stay under 2000 rpms when polishing with foam. If the compound would begin to dry during the buffing cycle, mist the polishing area or pad with Ameritouch to lubricate the surface, continue compounding as needed. When used with a Dual Action Polisher, it’s very important to use a primed pad with speed of around 4 or 5 on most Dual Action Polishers. We recommend either a microfiber pad of foam polishing pad for dual action polishers.

Helpful Tips
• Keep slow arm speed and allow the product to work itself
• Moderate pressure should be applied
• Do not buff the product until dry. Keep it wet
• Work in smaller two by two areas.